Thanks For Attending

We had a good crowd out to listen to and watch the lecture yesterday afternoon and to ask some lively questions.  We want to thank everyone who came along.  Hopefully folks learned a few things they might not have known before, and at the same time the Heritage Group gained a few dollars to continue our work of preserving and protecting Grandview’s heritage.

We also want to thank the staff/volunteers at Britannia who made it possible for us to use the really excellent space at the Eastside Family Place.

Thanks to everyone!


2 thoughts on “Thanks For Attending

  1. Wonderful presentation Jak with great commentary & wonderful visuals !!!
    Will the video of the presentation be available on this site?
    I’m hoping to share it with friends.

    Thanks again,

  2. Hi Margaret: Many thanks for your kind words. Bruce Macdonald was taking the video and I will be speaking to him in a short while to see how it turned out. I would certainly like it to be available on here. Thanks again!

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