Next Meeting: 20th June 2019

The next monthly meeting of the Grandview Heritage Group is this coming Thursday, 20th June, at 7:00pm.  As usual, we will meet in the Britannia Board Room on Napier.

The proposed agenda for the meeting includes:

  • Introductions
  • An early land transaction and its place in Commercial Drive history
  • Historical property values
  • Summer meetings
  • Car-free day: What do we want to do present this year?
  • A search for a “Tribute to Mining” mosaic – Greg Snider
  • Around the neighbourhood  – Eric

We are always happy to add any other topics that may be of interest.

Hope to see you all on Thursday!

One thought on “Next Meeting: 20th June 2019

  1. Looking for info re Sept 28 tour. Is it still happening, and if yes, when will tickets be available?
    Thanks so much.

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