Grandview Database v. 18

We have today uploaded a new and updated version of the Grandview Database.  

Some unforeseen difficulties slowed down work this month, However, this version still incorporates more than 400 new and amended data points since the previous release

  • Another 275 additional Building Permits have been sifted from the goldmine that is the Heritage Vancouver database of early permits. We are now caught up with their latest update, and we look forward to the next batch which will include the 1922 permits;
  • About 50 additional data points have been collected from contemporary real estate listings and miscellaneous sources.
  • We have also completely remapped and re-entered Block 144, the most unnecessarily complex block in the neighbourhood, which was shown inaccurately in previous editions of this database. A number of researchers who have worked on this block agree that the original surveyors must have had a really good time in the tavern before going to work that day!

In October we will be concentrating on completing the data available from the 1921 Census. We hope you find the Database of value, and we encourage and welcome corrections, and additions.

Next Meeting — October 19th

After our usual summer break, the Grandview Heritage Group would normally have resumed its regular schedule of meetings this coming Thursday.  However, that meeting clashes with a very important meeting regarding the future of Britannia Community Centre which has been booked for the same date from 6:00pm, to 9:00pm in Gym D.

While we consider our meetings to be important events, the future of Britannia is of such supreme concern to so many residents that we feel obliged to ensure those many members of GHG who will want to participate in the Britannia discussions the ability to do so without distraction.

Our apologies to those looking forward to a resumption of GHG activities this month..

The first meeting of our new season will therefore begin at 7:00pm on October 19th at the Britannia Board Room, Napier Street.  We will post a more detailed message closer to that date.