Grandview Database v. 17

We have today uploaded a new and updated version of the Grandview Database.  

This version incorporates more than 1,250 new and amended data points since the previous release.

  • Another 250 households have been entered from the 1921 Census. The 1921 census included details of house structure & size, and a raft of high quality data on rents in the neighbourhood; We estimate that we are about half way through the data collection from this invaluable source.
  • An additional 500 entries completes the 1913 City Directory and has begun work on 1914.
  • About 500 additional Building Permits have been sifted from the goldmine that is the Heritage Vancouver database of early permits.
  • A small number of additional data points have been collected from contemporary real estate listings and miscellaneous sources.

We hope you find the Database of value, and we encourage and welcome corrections, and additions.

1358 Graveley

I am sure most readers will recall that last month we presented a plaque to Donato Calogero, the owner of 1350 Graveley, the oldest surviving house in Grandview.

Donato’s family also own the house next door, at 1358 Graveley, and it too has an interesting family history which has now been reported at the Vancouver Is Awesome website.

Many thanks to Donato for all his research on these two fascinating properties.