Grandview Database v 16

We have today uploaded a new and updated version of the Grandview Database.  

This version incorporates more than 2100 new and amended data points since the previous release.

  • Another 450 households have been entered from the 1921 Census. The 1921 census included details of house structure & size, and a raft of high quality data on rents in the neighbourhood;
  • An additional 700 entries almost completes the 1913 City Directory
  • About 475 new data points have been captured from miscellaneous references in the “Highland Echo” and similar sources covering the period 1901-1999;
  • A similar number of data points have been collected from the first 49 editions of “Changes On The Drive” covering the period from 2011 through 2015.

We hope you find the Database of value, and we encourage and welcome corrections, and additions.

A Map For BC Historians

The always excellent BC Studies journal has now published online a map showing the location of all its articles over several decades. The map is easily scalable to any level of detail and could be a very useful tool for locating scholarly articles on a particular place.

I have to note that there have been no articles published that focus on Grandview. However, some of the seminal and important works about Vancouver in general can be found easily with this tool.

Great Day To Unveil A Plaque!

This afternoon, during a gathering at 1350 Graveley Street, we unveiled our plaque to the oldest surviving house in Grandview.

Members of GHG were graciously welcomed by the Calogero family who have carefully maintained the house since the 1970s, and we were joined by neighbours, and descendants of the Wheeling family who built the house in 1899 on the eastern shores  of False Creek. Some of the relatives travelled up from the States for the occasion. Many of us enjoyed a full tour of the interior along with expresso and biscotti.

We first engaged with a presentation on this house in September 2016, and the full story is scheduled to be published in the fall edition of BC History magazine. It makes for fascinating reading.


GHG On Car Free Day

We had a lot going on in the booth today — detailed maps of early Grandview buildings, a very fine display of period interiors along with modern furniture that can be used to match the look, some interesting items from 1917, and access to the Grandview Database.

The progress of folks interested in the booth was steady throughout the afternoon and we were able to give brief histories from the Database to a good number of residents. Our plaque-raising ceremony for Grandview’s oldest house also attracted a great deal of interest and comment — I suspect we will have a decent crowd on the 22nd.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped crew the table, and especial thanks to everyone who stopped by and encouraged us to continue our work on recording and preserving Grandview’s rich heritage.

GHG Events In July

There will not be a formal meeting of the Grandview Heritage Group this month. However, we will be involved in two exciting events:

  • On Sunday 9th July, from noon until about 6:00pm, GHG will have a booth at Commercial Drive’s Car Free Day festival. Our booth will be on the east side of Commercial just north of Parker, outside Bosa Foods. We will have a number of displays of Grandview’s history and heritage, odd items for you to guess their function, and access to the Grandview Database to look up the history of your house. In addition there will be volunteers who can discuss local heritage issues. We hope to see many of you and for you to put faces to names you may have read here and elsewhere.
  • Then, on Saturday 22nd July at 2:00pm, we will be unveiling a commemorative plaque to celebrate the extraordinary history of the house at 1350 Graveley Street which after being moved twice, is the oldest surviving house in the neighbourhood, dating from 1899. The current owner/occupiers will be joined for the celebration by descendants of the original family that built the house. Come join us for this historic event!