The Grandview Database: An Introduction

In the menu above, you will find a listing: “Grandview Database“.  This is an historical catalog of roughly 5,000 properties in Grandview, nearly 1,200 of which no longer exist.

Each entry lists in chronological order all the information known about that lot or property, including, where appropriate, details of the properties that existed on that lot prior to the construction of the existing structure. The most complete information is for properties built before 1925.

Properties that exist today have a white background, while properties that have disappeared are on green background.

Published as a pdf file, your pdf reader will enable you to search for individual addresses, names, businesses, or any other text. Note that to search for addresses in numbered avenues leave off “st”, “nd” or “rd” as relevant: i,.e to search for 1234 E. 4th, search for “1234 E. 4”.

Information on current properties is based on the latest data from VanMap and walking surveys. Historical information is derived from the Vancouver Heritage Building Permits database, City Directories, the 1910, 1912, and 1930 Insurance maps, the 1901, 1911, and 1921 censuses, and extensive research in the “Highland Echo“, “Vancouver World“, “Western Call”, “Province“, “Vancouver Building Record”, and “News-Advertiser“.  Other research (such as early correspondence with the Board of Works, and other archival materials) is noted in referenced end notes. Finally, we are also adding data from Changes on The Drive which supplies storefront information on Commercial Drive from 2011 to the present day.

Although the database as published today already represents four years’ work, we still have many thousands of data points collected and not yet entered, and still we continue to collect and enter on a daily basis!

Since December 2015, we have published an update at the beginning of each month in order that the latest version is continually available to those for whom this work is of interest and value.

We hope you enjoy this unique reference to our wonderful community!


Notes From The October Meeting

The October meeting of the Grandview Heritage Group was very well attended, including a very welcome visit by Patrick Gunn of Heritage Vancouver. Although a presentation took up much of the meeting, we were also able, as usual, to discuss a wide range of other topics.

  • Jak King presented his Database of Grandview Properties which includes historical details of almost 5,000 houses in Grandview, more than 1,100 of which no longer exist.  After examining the database, the presentation discussed the formation, surveying, and use of Districts, Blocks, and Lots within Grandview and reviewed them in the context of the history of Grandview. Finally, Jak discussed the need, over time, to incorporate this data into GHG’s wiki.  Jak will be working on ways to make the database public, probably on this site.
  • Following the presentation, we looked at a number of ways of using VanMap, Google Maps, and Goad’s 1912 atlas for historical research.
  • Eric noted that several parts of his Mechanicals and Materials series have been published on this site as Heritage Life Hacks. There will be more to come.
  • Eric also presented a shortened version of his monthly Neighbourhood Updates. This edition included the Terminal City Iron Works (now demolished), changes at 2111 Kitchener, 920 and 1102 Commercial, 540 and 1115 Victoria, and 906 Salsbury. This discussion also touched on environmental remediation and the art of debuilding rather than demolition.
  • Michael updated the group on the new First Shaughnessy heritage designation, and on updates to the Heritage Registry and possible changes to evaluation standards

It was another full and fascinating evening for heritage and history buffs.


Our Next Meeting: 15th October

This is a reminder that at 7:00pm on Thursday 15th October we will be gathering for our regular monthly meeting of the Grandview Heritage Group in the Britannia Boardroom. Everyone is welcome and we encourage you to come along and join in our usually fascinating discussions.

This month, I will be presenting my historical database of buildings in Grandview, including more than 1,100 that no longer exist. Along with a discussion of the database itself, I will also lead a discussion on the mapping and surveying history of Grandview that underlies the heritage houses on which we normally concentrate.  I hope it will be both fun and informative.

There will also be other items of interest to discuss, including recent changes and losses to heritage homes in the neighbourhood.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Thursday night!