Introducing The Grandview Wiki

For the last few months we have been working on creating a wiki for Grandview. For those for whom the term “wiki” is obscure, it is, in short, an online encyclopedia of information that can be updated easily. The best known of these is Wikipedia.

The Grandview wiki is designed to capture as much information as possible, to list and describe everybody who ever lived in the neighbourhood, to list and give histories to all the businesses that ever operated here, to identify and celebrate every house and building that ever existed in Grandview.  A rough estimate is that there is over 100,000 pages of data available to meet these requirements.

We have made a start. We now have several hundred pages of information started (along with another 1,500 pages that we already know need to be created) and so we believe we can now make it public and at least give you an idea of what we trying to achieve.  The link to the wiki is here — and will be permanently listed near the beginning of the right hand sidebar.

The information in the wiki is grouped into a number of major categories (history, streets, parks, individuals, businesses, and groups) which you will find on the Main Page. But, as you will discover, the power of a wiki is in the complex linking of information between categories. You might look up a particular hardware store, say, and you will find it is linked to all the other hardware stores in the database and to every business that operated from that address and to the individuals who worked there. At this point, the data for Commercial Drive is the most detailed (though still far from complete).

Note that, as usual on the Internet, blue texts are links. Red text are links-still-to-come.

We have so far entered only a tiny percentage of the information we have available (and there are very few images yet), but still our ambitions are high. As mentioned above, we want to list everything that is known about Grandview.  Moreover, we hope that the Grandview Wiki will be a beacon to other neighbourhoods and cities to create their own wikis and, thereby, increase the availability of information to us all.

Please visit and see what we are talking about.


Meeting Notes: August 2013

We had another great meeting last Thursday evening.  We covered quite a lot of ground:

  • It was noted that the 1921 Census of Canada is now available for scholars. At the moment it is made available via and a subsription membership is required.  The current search engine dies not allow searches via addresses.
  • Bruce Macdonald reported further on the 12′ tall bowling pin model from the Ridge Bowling Lanes, and his desire to have it placed on the Grandview Lanes building at Commercial & 6th.  It has now been made available to him, for free, but work still needs to be done with City Hall to allow it to be displayed.  We are seeking its designation as a piece of art rather than a structure.  It was agreed that GHG will write a letter of support, and Jak will approach the BIA for similar support.
  • We looked carefully at the brochure of historical houses and sites put out by the Heritage Revitalization Advisory Commission of Ladysmith, BC and forwarded to us by Maria Hindmarch.  We were impressed by its content and style; and we discussed in general terms producing one or more of similar type for Commercial Drive and Grandview.  Michael Kluckner noted that he had created a map/brochure for one iof his latest walks, and had made it available on iPad etc.
  • Jak explained and displayed the GHG Wiki (see next post) and generally showed users could add information about their houses, for example.
  • We then discussed the idea of permanent ceramic signs for heritage houses in Grandview.  We are just about ready to move forward on this project and we debated on some detail the nature of content, the possibilty of placement, and the price we will charge. These final points need to be established finally at our next meeting.
  • Eric Philips discussed the short personal videos a vintage car club has curated, and he encouraged us to create something similar for our historical house sites on the website and the wiki.  This was unanimously endorsed, and Penny Street offered the use of a flip camera she has.
  • Eric also noted that he is working on fresh presentations for this Mechanics and Materials series. These include (a) the hazards of old houses; (b) glass; and (c) heating systems.  We are hoping that one of these will be ready for presentation at our September meeting.
  • Michael noted that we need to complete our final reports to the funding agencies for both the Shelly Sign painting project and the Street Party project.

Next Meeting: Thursday 15th August

The next meeting of the Grandview Heritage Group will; be tonight, Thursday, at 7:00pm at the Britannia Community Centre Boardroom.

We’ll be talking about permanent signs for our Centenary Celebration houses, the Ridge bowling alley sign, and the GHG Wiki for sure.  However, as usual, the meeting will be free-flowing and other topics are bound to come up.

All are welcome and please join us to identify, protect, and celebrate the heritage of our grand neighbourhood!

A plaque for the WISE Hall, August 9th

Please come out for the presentation on Friday the 9th at 7:30 of a ‘Places That Matter’ plaque for the WISE Hall at Adanac and Victoria.

The hall was chosen as one of the 125 Places That Matter for the city’s 125th-birthday by a committee organized by the Vancouver Heritage Foundation. It’s unusual due to its evolution from a church hall (for the old Methodist/United church that’s now The Cultch) into a social space for groups of United Kingdom immigrants (the Welsh Irish Scottish English – the WISE), and now into a neighbourhood alternative performance space. Here’s the web page with invitation.

The plaque presentation is open to everyone and is free (I, Michael Kluckner, will be speaking briefly at it). It will be followed by a fundraising concert (doors open at 8) and participants in the plaque presentation will get a $5 discount on the concert admission.