The Sign Is Truly Celebrated!

If you missed our street party at the Shelly’s sign yesterday then you missed a wonderful event.  Thanks to Ann Daskal the organizer, a good number of hard-working volunteers, and a helping hand from the rain which stayed away until after we had cleared up, this was a street party to remember.

We had music from the always excellent Razzmajazz, vintage cars, lemonade, cake a-plenty, childrens crafts, history tours by Bruce Macdonald, a scavenger hunt and, of course, the dedication of our new plaque about the Shelly’s sign with an excellent short speech by Michael Kluckner. We had a “What is This?” table filled with intriguing objects from the past, and an “Ask the Expert” table where there was lots of talk about neighbourhood history and the current Community Plan.

Shellys party group1

We want to offer our grateful thanks to the sponsors who helped fund the event, supply goods and equipment and/or supplied prizes for the various events.  These include:

  • Hasting North Community Partners Group
  • Britannia Community Centre
  • Via Tevere
  • Turks Cafe
  • Carnegie Community Centre
  • Dana Cromie
  • In the House
  • Fratelli Bakery
  • J.J. Bean
Shellys plaque

The permanent plaque we attached to the building by the sign.

Meeting Notes: June 20th

We had another well-attended and very productive meeting of the Grandview Heritage Group last night, dealing with a wide range of matters:

  • We reviewed the Heritage Fair and Car Free Day experiences.  It was agreed that we met a lot of people at those events, answered a lot of questions and, hopefully, enthused a few about our neighbourhood’s heritage.
  • We discussed the fact that one of our 2013 Centenary House signs has gone missing from outside one house.  A range of options was suggested, including marking each sign with which house it was attached to;
  • This led to a continuation of our discussions about offering more permanent ceramic plaques for the houses.  A sub-committee (Lance, Penny, Dorothy) was struck to examine the issues (cost, price, content, attachment strategies, etc) and it will report back to the next meeting.
  • Our big party at the Shelly’s Sign is this coming Sunday; Ann caught us up on the status of the organization and we spent some time finalising the details, filling volunteer slots, etc.
  • Michael Kluckner gave a fascinating presentation reviewing how some developers/home owners are using Heritage Revitalization Agreements to get around the restriction on laneway houses and infill in RT zones. His example was from Kitsilano but he noted that we have similar lot sizes and issues here in Grandview.  We have previously been keen on getting more Grandview houses onto the Vancouver Herirtage Register, but Michael showed how this could be quite damaging to the neighbourhood in the long run.
  • The group discussed some upcoming issues concerning the Grandview Woodland Community Plan:
    • The Historical Context Statement meeting at the WISE Hall on 24th June at 7:00pm
    • Questionnaire responses to the draft Community Plan deadline on 3rd July.
    • The GWAC Public Meeting on 8th July at 7:00pm
  • We had a good discussion about the Grandview Heritage wiki that we are developing.  This will become formally open on the weekend to allow the QR code on the Shelly’s plaque to be made available.  There will be a lot more info on this in the next few days –watch this space!
  • We also discussed the fact that someone — perhaps the Commercial Drive BIA — has had signs reading “The Drive” on street signs placed throughout Grandview.  It was agreed we will contact the BIA to find out how this came about.
  • Bruce discussed his plan to salvage the 12′ bowling pin from the Ridge Bowling Lanes and to place it on Grandview Lanes.  He has had preliminary discussions with the Ridge, with heritage staff at City, and with the Marino family who own GV Lanes. Bruce will keep us informed as to progress.

A Party To Celebrate The Sign

This Sunday at 3:00pm we will have a small ceremony at William and Victoria to dedicate a plaque that will signifiy our work in preserving the wonderful Shelly’s 4X Sign on the outside wall of the Via Tevere restaurant.

This small ceremony will take place during a street party in that same block where cake and lemonade, music and children’s activities, a scavenger hunt and information tables will enliven the afternoon!


We welcome all of you to come and help us celebrate!

Barbers On The Drive

I went to my barber this morning and had a cut.  He mentioned that Frank’s Hairdressing had closed this month and that he, my barber Tino, is now the only barber left on the Drive. That got me thinking.

Here is a chronological list of all the barbers I know that operated on the Drive:

  • Albert Jensen (1910-1911)
  • Elie Bourdon (1911)
  • Teddy’s (1911)
  • Arthur LaRocque (1912-1917)
  • James Percolat (1912-1913)
  • Matthew Baumgartner (1912)
  • Frederick Eberle (1913-1915)
  • Ed Sweet (1915-1947)
  • Thomas Fredericks (1915-1925)
  • James Holt (1915-1916)
  • Willingdon’s (1916)
  • Arthur Fuller (1917)
  • OK Barbers (1918-1948)
  • Matthew Dunham (1924)
  • Lester Griffiths (1925)
  • Grandview Barbers (1926-1928)
  • Nifty Barber’s (1927)
  • Gerry Le (1928-1948)
  • George’s (1928-1947)
  • Tommy’s (1929-1993)
  • Francis Binon (1929)
  • Mac’s (1931-1962)
  • Ernest Benton (1931-1942)
  • Albert Taylor (1931)
  • Drive Barbers (1934-1973)
  • Jack Nairn (1940-1961)
  • White Rose (1943-1951)
  • Orville Brigden (1949-1974)
  • Young’s (1952)
  • Alexander’s (1953-1954, 1963-1979)
  • Ralph Hesper (1958)
  • Scott’s (1959)
  • Continental (1960-2000s)
  • Imperial barbers (1961-1991)
  • Dunc’s (1961-1973)
  • Guy’s (1965-1969)
  • Anne’s (1966-1968)
  • Figaro Style (1968-2000s)
  • Silano (1969-1970)
  • Dino’s (1970-1971)
  • Baron Style (1972-1973)
  • Frank’s (1981-2013)
  • Tino’s (1993-today)

Next Meeting: June 20th

Another month gone, and another meeting to come.  Our June meeting will be this Thursday at 7pm at the Britannia Board Room.

One of the main items on the agenda wll probably be next Sunday’s Party at the Shelly’s Sign.  Michael Kluckner will also give a presentation on the ins and outs of a genuine HRA project. And I am sure we will also talk about centenary plaques, the Community Plan, wrap up on Car Free Day and the Heritage Fair, the Grandview Historical Context Statement, and a bit more on the wiki, perhaps.

Do come along and join in the conversation that seeks to identify, preserve and celebrate the glorious heritage of Grandview.  See you there!


Heritage Fair

Last Sunday we were involved in the Vancouver Heritage Foundation’s Annual House Tour. For the first time, they had what they called a Heritage Fair which happened to be at the rear of a tour house on Kitchener.  This was our table.

HeritageFair… with Penny and Christine handling the duties.  Several of us took shifts and through the day we saw several hundred people come through. It is always fun to talk about our neighbourhood and its heritage!