Reno on Ferndale

This house at Ferndale and Semlin has been surrounded by a construction fence for some months, awaiting the start of a basement reno. Joseph Rainey built it in 1909, probably with his sometime partner George Tyson, whose name appears on the permit for the similar blue house on the southeast corner of Ferndale and Semlin, built in 1911. Rainey and Tyson were also responsible for the row of cottages on Pender, numbers 1918 to 1980, in 1908-9 — Michael Kluckner

Next Meeting: December 15th!

Our group was conceived at a meeting of the Grandview-Woodland Area Council (GWAC) in the Spring of 2011, and we have met regularly (and separately from GWAC) ever since.

We are developing a heritage inventory of the neighbourhood, and, in the future, we plan to produce walking tours, lectures, signage, and pamphlets to present Grandview’s history and heritage to the general public.

We are participating in the City’s Grandview Community Plan process, which has just begun (and will probably take close to two years to complete).

Starting in January, we also plan to celebrate the “birthdays” of buildings in the neighbourhood that were built 100 years ago. Let us know if you know of any 1912 houses we should acknowledge.

Do join us for our next meeting, Thursday, December 15th, 7:00-9:00, in the Board Room at Britannia Community Centre, 1661 Napier Street!