Car Free Day on the Drive 2018

This Sunday, July 8th, is Car Free Day on the Drive; the celebrations run from about noon to early evening.

As usual, Grandview Heritage Group has a table for the event.  We will be positioned outside Choices Grocery at the corner of Napier.

Stop by and chat to any number of GHG members who will be there to answer questions. We will have a number of displays, on the history and heritage of our wonderful neighbourhood.

We will also have access to the ever-growing Grandview Database.  Ask us about YOUR house.

GHG On Car Free Day

We had a lot going on in the booth today — detailed maps of early Grandview buildings, a very fine display of period interiors along with modern furniture that can be used to match the look, some interesting items from 1917, and access to the Grandview Database.

The progress of folks interested in the booth was steady throughout the afternoon and we were able to give brief histories from the Database to a good number of residents. Our plaque-raising ceremony for Grandview’s oldest house also attracted a great deal of interest and comment — I suspect we will have a decent crowd on the 22nd.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped crew the table, and especial thanks to everyone who stopped by and encouraged us to continue our work on recording and preserving Grandview’s rich heritage.