Grandview Database v.11

We have today uploaded a new and updated version of the Grandview Database.  We have launched this version two days earlier than scheduled in order to ensure that the latest version is available for a “How To Research Your House” seminar at Britannia on Tuesday 28th February.

This version incorporates more than 570 new data points since the previous release.

This version also includes the start to a reformatting of dates. Dates in the database have previously been formatted as month-day-year; this is changing to year-month-day which allows for easier scanning of dates, especially for those entries that have considerable detail.

At the same time, I have reformatted the last column which contains all the historical material. Bullet points have been removed to allow more space for data in an otherwise constrained environment, and allows for a more comfortable scan down the years for those entries with a great deal of data.

There are many thousands of dates and data points in the database and so changing formats is a long and tedious business, only a fraction of which can be automated. The change has begun with this version and is about 60% complete. You will still find both formats represented for a while. As time passes, the older formats will be discontinued.


Grandview Database v.10

We have today uploaded a new and updated version of the Grandview Database.

This version incorporates more than 750 additions and updates. Most of these additions have been taken from a review of newspapers from 1916 – 1924 and include different kinds of information than formerly. For example, more than 50 households had their contents auctioned (search: “auctioned off”), others were subject to robberies, and returning soldiers (search: “soldier” or “war”) are a feature. There are help wanted ads, work sought ads, births, marriages, deaths, even a divorce.

There are also significant additions to the details of retail and service companies both on Commercial Drive and elsewhere in Grandview.

With the inclusion of the 1000+ entries so far this year, the database is much livelier and more personalised than before.Some earlier errors on the 1700-block eastside of Commercial Drive and the 1700-block Venables have also been fixed.


Grandview Database v. 5

We have today uploaded a new and updated version of the Grandview Database.

Changes in this version include:

  • More than 1,026 new data points from a December 1909 list of lots in tax arrears, the City Directories for 1910 and 1911, the 1910 Insurance Map, and various media and MLS reports;
  • 11 additional previously-demolished buildings recovered;
  • 2 new houses;
  • miscellaneous minor corrections

Grandview Database v.4

We have today uploaded a new and updated version of the Grandview Database.

Changes in this version include:

  • More than 705 new data points from the1927-1930 Insurance Map, the 1910 City Directory, and various media and MLS reports;
  • 14 additional previously-demolished buildings recovered;
  • 2 new houses;
  • 1 building previously shown as separate now integrated into other buildings;
  • miscellaneous minor corrections

Meeting Notes, January 2016

The GHG had another well-attended and fascinating meeting last night, covering a wide range of topics:

  • Eric took us through a long list of items on the regular Neighbourhood Update segment. We discussed the recent fires on Lily Street and Commercial Drive; land assembly around Broadway; new buildings on E. Peder and Ferndale; and another dozen or more developments throughout Grandview;
  • We reviewed a number of upcoming courses and lectures of heritage interest;
  • We discussed the projects we had lined up for two GEOG 429 students this year. One student, working specifically for the Britannia Planning & Development group, will be examining the social aspects of the earlier development of Britannia, including the demolition of many houses and the displacement of residents. A second student was planning to conduct a research project on Grandview’s transportation history. Unfortunately, he has withdrawn from the class;
  • The idea of reviving GHG walking tours was bruited.  Jak agreed to conduct a new Commercial Drive tour in the summer. John described his idea of a tour of the industrial areas north of Hastings. We welcome other ideas;
  • Jak discussed the next update to the Grandview Database due to be published on 1st February. As an example of what can be derived from the collated date, he presented a series of maps illustrating the historic growth of Grandview from 1900 through 1915;
  • Eric presented another of his highly informative Heritage Mechanicals and Materials series — this time on gutters. Who knew they could be so interesting?


Grandview Database v.3

We have today uploaded a new and updated version of the Grandview Database.

Changes in this version include:

  • More than 960 new data points from City Directory 1909; 1927-1930 Insurance Map; and Luxton & Assocs 2015 Assessment of 1872 Parker;
  • 40 additional previously-demolished buildings recovered;
  • 5 buildings previously shown as separate now integrated into other buildings;
  • a restructuring of blocks D/L 182 – 17; D/L 183 – 6D, 9D, 9E, 10, 13; and D/L 264a – 23, 48 to more accurately reflect their history;
  • miscellaneous minor corrections

The 1927-1930 Insurance Maps have proven particularly useful this month, giving high data density and helping to sort out a number of problematic issues. This version includes data from this source for the area enclosed by Clark – E. Georgia – Victoria – Parker. Next month’s update will include much more information for the core area south of Venables.

Happy New Year to everyone!

Grandview Database v.2

The first revision to the Grandview Database has been published today.  The link on the menu above has been updated to the new version.

Version 2 adds:

  • several hundred new entries compiled from Heritage Vancouver’s collection of unpublished incomplete building permits that we have managed to resolve;
  • several hundred entries from Vancouver City Directories 1906-1908;
  • about 70 new entries collected from GHG’s Centenary House collection;
  • a hundred or more entries from Kevin Shackles study of Grandview corner stores (see, for example, DL183 B7E Lot12, 603 Victoria Drive);
  • 73 entries from 2015 MLS sales;
  • miscellaneous corrections and adjustments

As always, comments, corrections and suggestions should be sent to

The Grandview Database: An Introduction

In the menu above, you will find a listing: “Grandview Database“.  This is an historical catalog of roughly 5,000 properties in Grandview, nearly 1,200 of which no longer exist.

Each entry lists in chronological order all the information known about that lot or property, including, where appropriate, details of the properties that existed on that lot prior to the construction of the existing structure. The most complete information is for properties built before 1925.

Properties that exist today have a white background, while properties that have disappeared are on green background.

Published as a pdf file, your pdf reader will enable you to search for individual addresses, names, businesses, or any other text. Note that to search for addresses in numbered avenues leave off “st”, “nd” or “rd” as relevant: i,.e to search for 1234 E. 4th, search for “1234 E. 4”.

Information on current properties is based on the latest data from VanMap and walking surveys. Historical information is derived from the Vancouver Heritage Building Permits database, City Directories, the 1910, 1912, and 1930 Insurance maps, the 1901, 1911, and 1921 censuses, and extensive research in the “Highland Echo“, “Vancouver World“, “Western Call”, “Province“, “Vancouver Building Record”, and “News-Advertiser“.  Other research (such as early correspondence with the Board of Works, and other archival materials) is noted in referenced end notes. Finally, we are also adding data from Changes on The Drive which supplies storefront information on Commercial Drive from 2011 to the present day.

Although the database as published today already represents four years’ work, we still have many thousands of data points collected and not yet entered, and still we continue to collect and enter on a daily basis!

Since December 2015, we have published an update at the beginning of each month in order that the latest version is continually available to those for whom this work is of interest and value.

We hope you enjoy this unique reference to our wonderful community!