Next Meeting: 20th October

It’s that time again; the monthly meeting of the Grandview Heritage Group will take place at: 7:00pm Thursday 20th October in the Britannia Boardroom, Napier Street.

The agenda this month will include:

  • Neighbourhood Update;
  • A brief presentation on “What might have been” instead of Joe’s Cafe;
  • Two heritage house hacks from Eric
  • Complete Streets — effect on heritage?

As usual, our agenda is always open to any items of interest to the group that you may want to discuss.

Hope to see many of you there on Thursday!

Next Meeting This Thursday

Our summer break is over, and the Grandview Heritage Group is ready to begin its 6th season of public meetings. The next meeting is on:

Thursday 15th September, 7:00pm at Britannia Board Room, Napier Street

The agenda will include:

  • an important historical presentation about the oldest house still existing in Grandview;
  • our Centenary House celebrations for 2016;
  • what’s happening in the neighbourhood;
  • and an important discussion regarding the Heritage Group and how it moves forward into the future.

We would not be surprised if other matters come up for discussion too.

The meeting is open to everyone and we look forward to seeing many of you there on Thursday evening!

Next Meeting: 16th June

The world keeps spinning and before you know it is time for another Grandview Heritage Group meeting. This Thursday evening. This month’s agenda will include:

  • a presentation by Claire Shepansky on her paper about the residential displacement caused by the creation of the Britannia Community Centre in the 1970s;
  • a review of Centenary House candidates for 2016;
  • the monthly round up of neighbourhood changes;
  • a quick look ahead to our display at Car Free Day 2017 (yes, always thinking ahead!).

As always our agenda is open and fluid, so who knows what else might be discussed?

Do come join us on Thursday at 7:00pm at the Britannia Board Room.  Everyone is welcome!

The May Meeting

Wow!  Time just zips by when you’re busy saving the world; and here we are already at the next GHG meeting.

The meeting is on Thursday 19th May at 7:00pm in the Britannia Boardroom as usual.

The agenda will include the Neighbourhood Update, and also a discussion about our participation in No Car Day this year.  I’m sure there will be plenty of other things to keep us busy.

As usual, everyone is welcome, so come on along!

Next Meeting: 21st April

Time flies, and here we are again almost ready for another monthly meeting.  It is on Thursday 21st April at 7:00pm at the Britannia Boardroom, Napier Street.

This month’s agenda will include:

  • Our regular Changes in the Neighbourhood review;
  • An illustrated talk by Michael Kluckner on “The Curious Case of Shaughnessy Heights“;
  • A short video on how Vancouver is shaped the way it is;
  • A quick review of the Industrial Heritage Walk;
  • A discussion on Jane’s Walks for May;
  • Other walks this summer?

And who know’s what else may crop up?  Our agenda is always flexible.  Everyone is welcome to join us, and we look forward to seeing many of this Thursday!

Next Meeting: 17th March, 2016

Amazing how time flies — and it is meeting time again!  The next meeting of the Grandview Heritage Group is on Thursday 17th March at 7:00pm at the Britannia Boardroom.

Some of the items up for discussion include:

  • What’s Happening in the Neighbourhood?
  • A brief on the history of Britannia and its effect on nearby residences
  • A presentation on the history of building in Hawaii
  • Heritage renovation and the new building code
  • History walks for the spring and summer
  • The threatened gasworks in New Westminster

And, as usual, who know what else will turn up?

Everyone is welcome and we look forward to meeting you there!

Next Meeting: 18th February

It is just about time for the next meeting of the Grandview Heritage Group, which will take place in the Britannia Boardroom, in the Info Centre, at 7:00pm on Thursday 18th February.

Our agendas are always loose and changed on the fly. However, we anticipate this meeting will include:

  • A discussion on Grandview’s pre-contact history, with Cynthia Low of Britannia;
  • An update from Claire Stepansky on her paper looking at the social history of the Britannia property [subject to Claire’s availability];
  • A reference to the possible sale and redevelopment of St. Francis’s properties;
  • What’s Happening In the Neighbourhood — always a favourite, and certain to engender wide-ranging discussions;
  • Further discussion about public walks for 2016;
  • Another episode of Eric’s excellent series on Mechanics and Materials: this one is about seismic upgrading;
  • First thoughts about Car Free Day this year

Come join us. Everyone is welcome!

Next Meeting: 21st January

The next meeting of the Grandview Heritage Group is this coming Thursday, 21st January.  As usual, we will meet in the Britannia Boardroom at 7:00pm.  The agenda this month will; include:

  • A roundup of neighbourhood property news;
  • Mapping the historical growth of Grandview using data from the Grandview Database;
  • A list of upcoming heritage courses;
  • A review of the challenges set for our two Geog 429 students;
  • A presentation on heritage gutters;
  • Updates from the November meeting;
  • Early ideas for summer walking tours

And any other heritage topic you would like to discuss.

Everyone is welcome — do come and join us!

Meeting Notice

Just a reminder that the Grandview Heritage Group will not be meeting in December.

Our next scheduled meeting will be on Thursday 21st January 2016 at 7:00pm in the Britannia Boardroom.  We look forward to seeing you there.

In the meanwhile, we wish you all a wonderful Christmas season and a hopeful and prosperous New Year!