Next Meeting: 19th April

Another month, another meeting!  The Grandview Heritage Group’s next meeting is this coming Thursday, 19th April, at 7:00pm in the Britannia Boardroom on the Napier Greenway.

We will have our usual wide-ranging and open agenda which this week will include:

  • Beaver Kit homes;
  • A 1909 Panorama image;
  • More on 1829 Parker Street;
  • A look at the Hollywood Theatre plan as a potential precursor to the Rio development;
  • Repairing the Shelley’s sign;
  • An update on GHG website maintenance;
  • Eric’s Neighbourhood Review;
  • Centenary Signs update;
  • Car Free Day update;

We are always happy to add items that YOU might want to discuss.

Everyone is welcome, so come along and join us!

Next Meeting: 15th March

The next meeting of the Grandview Heritage Group is this coming Thursday, 15th March, at 7:00pm.  We meet in the Britannia Boardroom on Napier Street.

This month’s agenda will include, in no particular order:

  • the restoration of a heritage fireplace in Grandview’s oldest house;
  • heritage brick, including those used for street paving;
  • a visit from the Mount Pleasant Heritage Group regarding their use of posters in Heritage Week and how we might follow next year;
  • A trip down nostalgia lane: photographs from 1985;
  • a teaser perhaps on the ongoing history work taking place regarding Parker Street;
  • the monthly neighbourhood update.

Plus any other topic that attendees would like us to discuss. Everyone is welcome to attend and we look forward to seeing you on Thursday!

Next Meeting: 15th February

The next meeting of the Grandview Heritage Group is on Thursday 15th February at 7:00pm.  As usual, we meet in the Britannia Boardroom on Napier.

This month’s agenda will include:

  • a presentation by Michael Kluckner on player pianos and rec rooms;
  • a discussion regarding the Shelley’s sign;
  • a presentation on a special tool useful for heritage renovation;
  • a presentation regarding threatened houses on Grant Street;
  • the 2018 Centenary House Signs campaign;
  • the 2018 Car Free Day table;
  • Eric’s Neighbourhood Update

We always welcome other items of heritage and historical interest, so come along and add your particular item to the agenda.

Hope to see many of you there!


Next Meeting: January 18, 2018

We won’t be having a December meeting — too close to Christmas and holiday season — so our next meeting will be Thursday, January 18th. As usual, we will meet in the Britannia Boardroom at 7:00 p.m.

We’ll post another reminder a few days before we meet.

Our agenda is always flexible and our discussions are always educational and entertaining.  And, of course, everyone is welcome! Do come and join us!

Next Meeting — October 19th

After our usual summer break, the Grandview Heritage Group would normally have resumed its regular schedule of meetings this coming Thursday.  However, that meeting clashes with a very important meeting regarding the future of Britannia Community Centre which has been booked for the same date from 6:00pm, to 9:00pm in Gym D.

While we consider our meetings to be important events, the future of Britannia is of such supreme concern to so many residents that we feel obliged to ensure those many members of GHG who will want to participate in the Britannia discussions the ability to do so without distraction.

Our apologies to those looking forward to a resumption of GHG activities this month..

The first meeting of our new season will therefore begin at 7:00pm on October 19th at the Britannia Board Room, Napier Street.  We will post a more detailed message closer to that date.


The June Meeting

It’s that time of the month again — another Grandview Heritage Group meeting!  We will meet at

7:00pm Thursday 15th June, Britannia Board Room, Napier Street

As usual, we will have an open agenda that will include our monthly review of Neighbourhood Changes, confirmation of the Plaque Reveal day for the Oldest House in Grandview, and discussions about GHG’s table at No Car Day in July. No doubt there will be a  number of other heritage and historical issues that come up.

Come along and join the conversation!



Next Meeting: Thursday 18th May

The next meeting of the Grandview Heritage Group will take place this Thursday, 18th May, beginning at 7:00pm.   We will meet at the Britannia Boardroom in the Info Centre on Napier Street.

As usual, we have an open agenda but we will certainly be discussing the regular Monthly Neighbourhood update, our plans for No Car Day, the plaque for the Oldest house in Grandview, and celebrating GHG’s 6th anniversary. No doubt there will be additional matters to attract our attention.

Everyone is welcome and we look forward to seeing many of you on Thursday!

Meeting Announcement

The regular monthly meeting for April has been cancelled.  We will meet again on Thursday 18th May.  A reminder and a review of the agenda will be published closer to that date.

We have cancelled the April meeting in order that members may attend what we believe will be a very interesting talk on “Learning and Community Growth” given by Asa Kachan, head librarian at Halifax Public Library.  The talk is part of the Britannia Renewal Speakers’ Series and will take place in Britannia Library at 7:00pm on Thursday 20th April.

Hope to see you there.

Next Meeting: 16th March

Yes, the next GHG meeting is just a couple of days away!

We meet at 7:00pm on Thursday in the Britannia Board Room on Napier.

As usual, we have a very loose agenda, and we welcome other topics that are of interest to you.  This month we will have

  • What’s Happening in the Neighbourhood?  Eric’s monthly review of, mostly, physical changes in Grandview;
  • Jak will give a brief overview of the GV Database’s growth and future;
  • Final decisions on Donato’s Plaque for the oldest house in Grandview;
  • Photographs of the Crystal Dairy and where was that fleet yard?
  • Whatever is on your mind about heritage and the neighbourhood.

Come join us. The conversations are always interesting.